• blueicons1 - Ohio, therapy, service, equipment not covered by insurance.

  • blueicons2 – k-12 children and families in need of help with bills, athletic opportunities, medical needs, or an opportunity that a child wouldn’t otherwise have.

  • blueicons3 – Ohio & Minnesota, assists families with autism (applications accepted October-November).

  • blueicons-4 – any family with a minor under age 18 with a life-altering illness or disability that is in an immediate financial crisis due to unforeseen medical expenses – 1K; (pays directly to the family - every other year).

  • blueicons5 – families from Ohio, Illinois & Wisconsin, funding can be for medical expenses or therapies not covered by insurance; must sign a contract for volunteering based on the amount of award.

  • blueicons6 – Cleveland area; 10 pages of application to print; US mail with 4 quarters of funding; speech therapy and assistive equipment.

  • blueicons7 – scholarships for recreation and leisure such as riding, dance, aquatics, etc. The family must pay for at least 20% of program cost; print application and email or mail; 2 deadlines per year.

  • blueicons8 (Community Fund Management Foundation) – allows you to choose the grant that best fits your families' financial status; you can receive SSI and get a grant; grant may only be sent via regular US mail or fax; 4 deadlines per year.

  • blueicons9 – helps with those with impaired vision.

  • blueicons10

    * – opens in January of each calendar year, announces awards in May. Awards grants for those with developmental disabilities (see what qualifies on their Home page). *No awards in 2020 due to a re-evaluation of the grant program.