"Working with Zane's has been a great and relieving experience.  Worrying about funding for something my son loves and needs in order to be stronger and safer is stressful.  Zane's from the beginning, middle and end of the application process were thorough, helpful and made us feel seen and accepted.  We are so excited to be a part of this organization and look forward to "paying it forward."

-Stephanie Schuster

"Zane's Inc. was amazing. Everyone was so nice and helpful. I hope I can work with Zane's Inc. more in the future."

- Malisa Doaty

"We are so happy we found Zanes!  Being awarded the funding has given Caitlin the opportunity to continue her swimming.  This has helped with her confidence, physical fitness and her awareness around the water.   This is a great organization and the process was pretty easy as they keep you updated and responses to questions are quick.  Thank you again!" 


"Zane's have been so kind and made this (funding) process so easy. They also helped with other services for Isaac like advocacy and (finding) other programs like swimming that he could participate in."

- Carmen

"We are very grateful for the funding we received toward Peyton's music therapy. Everyone at Zane's has always been kind and helpful. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts."

- The Selanders

"So thankful for the Family Support Fund and how it made it possible for Tristian to go to speech each week."

- Melissa

"I am deeply grateful to the Team at Zanes.  They have so much compassion and kindness - Stacy, Melissa, Karen - they all made it very easy to apply to the scholarship, were very respectful and even uplifted our spirits as a family during this process."

- Namita

"As a mother of a non-verbal autistic 9 year old, I have been clueless, scared, overwhelmed, defeated, manipulated and made to feel my son's needs are not as important as other disabled children. Even with a master's degree and career as a case manager I was lost navigating this system. Over time I did my research, obtained the best support team, made the school, school board, teachers and other professionals know that I am a "Mama Bear." I will fight for Kellan's needs to be met and follow closely to assure his IEP, sensory needs and communication assistance is taken care of. The only reason I am confident in saying this is due to Zane's, the amazing Board and Stacy (my Angel). Through Zane's assistance, Kellan has been able to participate in O/T and speech when our insurance wouldn't pay, which pushed Kellan to work hard and progress. It's not only about the help. It's about the never-ending help, comfort, advice, love and acceptance that allows us to feel at home. Thank you Zane's!
- Kristine Dondrea, Parent of Kellan Estok"

"Just want to say Thank You! This additional funding for Caitlins swimming is such a huge help for our family! We already see a difference in her progress and knowing she will be able to continue for a long time without financial worry means so much!" - C. Semler

"The experience was incredibly helpful.  It was just the support we needed for Henry to get music therapy!  He was and continues to be such a joy to watch with his love for music.  He continues to hip hop and does art therapy as well.  We cannot thank your organization enough.  Zane's is truly a Godsend.  We look forward to volunteering soon!"

"Your program is absolutely amazing.  I love everything about it.  The amount of information on top of the award we received was priceless!  Nobody makes it as easy as you guys do to find answers and resources that are needed to help our children achieve their potential.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!" 

"We cannot tell you what the gift this foundation is to us!  It didn't feel like a transaction - it felt like we were seen and our needs have been met!  Evie loves her bike and it's wonderful watching her get stronger and stronger!  Thank you for all you do! " 

"Thank you so much for your generosity in funding neurofeedback for Dominic.  Your support is allowing Dominic to continue to make progress in brain training which results in positive changes in daily functioning.  By helping Dominic, you have helped our entire family."

"Awesome services, outstanding members, and overall great empathy for your situation. I love the drive and purpose of this organization!"

"We just want to thank you for your support in assisting Peyton with her continuation of therapy. it means the world to us." - The Selanders

"Chris and I would like to thank you for the support and the gift of cameras in our home. It has made it so much easier to keep an eye on Jude, relieved a lot of stress and allows him to explore and wander. It is so amazing what you are doing for families like mine. We appreciate you all!" - The Clark Family

“Zane’s has supported our family on three occasions. We are forever grateful!”

“Thank you so much for all of your help. This is one of the first times I truly felt heard and understood when trying to find help for my son.”

“My experience with Zane's has been really smooth and easy. They provide a lot of useful information to parents and caregivers of people with developmental issues. Whenever I've needed anything I've reached out either to them or Stacy and they've always been willing to listen and provide guidance and support. They have so much information and resources and they're very knowledgeable on a large number of subjects. It's just helpful to have a resource in the community that can provide information and lend support to families and help you along the journey."

"The application process was very simple, and the members were on top of deadlines to make certain that we had all the information that was needed. During my process, I had to reach out by email and no matter how simple or complex Zane's would respond and make me at ease with answering my questions. Our family would like to thank Zane's Foundation for the music lessons. Our son loves music and he looks forward to going. He is now asking to play the drums at music!"

"Great experience!! You guys do a great job!"

"Stacy helped us tremendously with suggesting resources and other places to also look to help with our son. A wealth of knowledge in what is and can be a very unknown path for people. I cannot say enough good things about Zane's Inc."

"Stacy was very knowledgeable about other resources that we could look into and was very supportive throughout the entire process! Thank you so much for all your help!"

"Everything was easy and efficient. I was kept in the loop throughout the whole process and Zane's was extremely helpful!"

"Major really appreciates Zane's Inc. Stay encouraged - God will continue to provide for his kids."

"Thank you so much for the Rifton chair! We use it daily. We appreciate your generosity!"

"At this time as our family is preparing to attend the JFA family retreat and we would like to thank Zane's Inc. for helping us out with financial assistance to cover the expenses of this retreat. This will be an amazing week for our family, and especially for our daughter! Thank you so much!"

"We are so very grateful for the funding for speech for our son. It gives us such relief to know that's something we don't need to worry about. You are an amazing organization and we are so blessed for finding you! Thanks again!"

"We wanted to thank you so much for your support in giving our son the opportunity to attend Camp-Can-Do this summer. As a kid who thrives on routine and keeping busy, it was valuable to us to have him in camp and given weeks worth of great fun, learning, and socialising with peers. You gave us all a true gift with him spending his summer at camp, so thank you so much for your support!"

"Zanes Inc has been present in my family’s life for over a year. Zanes is beyond anything I have ever expected. From an amazing, very dedicated, knowledgeable, and dedicated staff to fun events and resources, Zanes always is there for us-even during very challenging IEP time. The help I was able to receive with IEP meeting gave me moral and educational support I needed. I can’t thank enough the Zanes... can’t wait to resume the monthly meetings because there is always so much more to learn. Thank you Zanes!"

"Thank you"

"Thank you for everything you've done for our family!"

"Thank you for everything you've done for our family!"

"From the bottom of our hearts our family thanks you for the opportunity you have provided for our family. Our son has responded wonderfully to ABA therapy.He has become so much more independent and regulated. He is potty trained, gets dressed by himself and expresses his emotions BEFORE he goes into a full meltdown! ABA helps him at home while his other therapies help him at school."

"Meeting this group and working with them this year has been a very helpful and wonderful experience. Looking forward to a long future relationship."

"We couldn’t be more thankful for Zane’s and the funding we received for our son’s speech therapy. Being a middle-class family, we typically don’t qualify for financial help. Due to other financial obligations, we worried about how we were going to add the weekly expense of speech therapy to the budget. With the funding we received, we no longer worry about it. This money allows us to better afford other therapy costs for him."

"I could not be more appreciative of this opportunity for my son. The funding we have been given for the last 2 years for occupational therapy services has helped him learn more about his sensory needs and how he can control them. As a parent, I am learning so many techniques and skills to assist him. We are constantly changing his sensory diet. With his insurance not willing to pay, Zane’s has given him this opportunity to obtain some self-control and focus when we are in the public, school and at home."